Oxenhope Parish Plan 

A Parish Plan Steering Committee was established at the start of 2005 by Oxenhope Parish Council to co-ordinate the work of preparing a Parish Plan. Funding support was secured from Bradford Vision.

A series of consultation activities were carried out to seek public views and to involve and engage local residents and organisations in the Plan. This included the distribution of a questionnaire and events held to consult with local people. The views obtained formed the basis for the Parish Plan and highlighted the distinctive character and qualities that make Oxenhope an attractive and flourishing local community.

They have also identified the steps necessary to sustain and improve community life. The Parish Plan built on the pioneering publication of the Oxenhope Village Design Statement in 1999, and was intended as a vehicle to identify common policies and priorities with neighbouring authorities and agencies, and particularly with the Bradford Metropolitan District Council’s (BMDC) 2020 Vision.

The involvement of many people helped produce a Plan which aimed to conserve what is valued about Oxenhope, and to provide a framework for change where it was felt to be needed.

The Oxenhope Village Design Statement (VDS) was initiated by the Parish Council and published in 1999. Supplementary Planning Guidance was granted to this document by the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (BMDC) in 2000.  Since then the document has been successfully used to influence the design of new development in the village.

Conservation areas proposed in the VDS were included in the BMDC Oxenhope & Leeming Conservation Area Assessment in 2005.

Sites of Nature Conservation importance proposed in the VDS have been adopted by BMDC with one exception.

The additional Village Green Spaces proposed were adopted by BMDC in the Supplementary Planning Guidance with one exception.

Oxenhope has welcomed the retention of Leeming Field as Village Green Space.

In 2004 the Oxenhope and Leeming Conservation Area Assessment was published by Bradford MDC.

Much of this Assessment was guided by the Oxenhope Village Design Statement.

You can also download a summary booklet of the area assessment here and a map of the areas here.