Please drop by the Community Centre next Saturday, 12th March, anytime between 3 and 5, to vote for local worthy causes seeking support from the Parish Council and also to hear more about the Neighbourhood Planning proposals.

The Parish Council make small grants of up to £500 available every year, and allocates £2,000 towards this local initiative.

This year the following applications have been received: –

Oxenhope Bowling Club – £500 – contribution towards purchase of several sets of bowls for use by new members of the club who are trying bowling for the first time.

Oxenhope Community Centre – £500 – contribution towards installation of a broadband service in the community centre.

Oxenhope Cricket Club – £500 – contribution towards the purchase of a defibrillator.

Oxenhope Millennium Green – £500 – contribution towards the cost of repairs and reinstatement at the village Green following damage caused by Storm Eva.

Oxenhope Pre-School – £500 – contribution towards purchase of various ‘outdoor classroom’ items.

Oxenhope Straw Race – £434 – rental of portaloo to be positioned near the Straw Race beer stop at the former Shoulder of Mutton site.

We need local residents to drop in at the Community Centre where the local groups will have stands and information on their proposals and where you can vote to help the Parish Council decide how to allocate its budget.

Please do come along, it won’t take you too long and you don’t have to sign up for anything (unless you want to)!

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